Lower costs on Preop labs and tests

Reduce the requirement on your employees to screen them for surgery using best practices.

Reduce complications

Evidenced-based clinical guidelines and tracking high-risk patients decreases infections, cardiac and pulmonary complications.

Data analytics

‚ÄčTrend and analyze most effective providers and facilities based on outcomes.

reduce Emergency readmissions‚Äč

Avoidable but costly complications can lead to Emergency Room visits after surgery.

  • Require patient safety criteria from participating facilities and providers
  • Offer price and quality transparency tools
  • Support employees to make informed medical decisions
  • Improve patient readiness and safety by reducing risks associated with necessary and unnecessary procedures
  • Support employees to make informed medical decisions
  • Lower net spending for chronic conditions: utilize EDHR to avert or avoid hospital readmissions or Emergency Room visits
  • Direct care to best-in-class providers by providing data driven surveys and outcomes of care

achievable results 

our solution is designed around evidence-based medicine to serve as a platform for your employees

standardization with individualization

A better way for employers to manage healthcare

Employer Direct Healthcare Resources (EDHR) is designed to shelter employers from rising healthcare costs by managing patients scheduled with surgical and non-surgical procedures.  This is made possible by the utilization of our evidence-based medicine technology platform, ePatientHR, and the sophisticated inclusion of our administrative and clinical nursing staff.